What is MYER?

MYER, or the MY Events Registration system, is an events registration framework and templating system for registration forms with an administrative backend for multiple event coordinators. 

MYER has been in continual development since 2011 and one of the key features is the tailored use of administrative user rights that limit the data visible, editable, or exportable by event coordinators, so that access to data can be as distributed as necessary, while also limiting access to only those who really need it. 

MYER developers work closely with event managers to ensure that both the registration front end and the administrative back end are suitable for the event and its coordinators. Feature requests and suggestions are welcomed (please submit a ticket) and will benefit all users of the system. 

One of the features of MYER is it's use of templates, both for the registration forms and for administrative views of registration data, which make development increasingly faster each time a similar event takes place. The events that benefit the most from this are those that consistently take place each year, some of which have been using MYER yearly since its inception.

MYER is very scalable, and has regularly been used for events with over a thousand registrants and over fifty administrative users. To date, the largest event has featured over 4000 registrants and 90 administrative users. 

MYER is also adaptable and can be used for online booking forms, order forms, and other types of forms, as well as for registration and application forms.